On Writing an Exhibition Catalogue for “Unearthing Black Stories”

Earlier this year, the fine art services and advisory firm Clark Priftis Art invited me to write the exhibition catalogue for “Unearthing Black Stories,” a group exhibition at the Krause Family Art Gallery, featuring works by Kara Walker, Theaster Gates, Glenn Ligon, Bethany Collins, Gary Simmons, Lyle Ashton Harris, MacArthur Binion, Gee’s Bend Quilting Collective, and Malick Sidibe

The show embarks on a profound journey of excavating stories across the African diaspora, bringing to light revelations that illuminate our past while shaping our present and future. What a treat to reflect on each incredible piece, writing individual descriptions and tying them all together in an essay.

Many thanks to the Krause Group for having me and Ann Priftis for the wonderful opportunity.

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