About Me

I'm a human

a Black cisgender woman, 

a child of Jamaican immigrants, 

a first-gen American, 

a freelance journalist specializing in race, culture and identity and recovering from full-time burn out, 

an on-air host, 

a moderator, 

a creative, 

a dancer

a bicoastal Brooklyn/Los Angeles resident.

In April 2020, I launched SpeakPatrice Presents: Coronavirus News for Black Folks, a weekly newsletter focused on news about the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and pandemic as they directly relate to us Black folks. According to WIRED Magazine and their annual WIRED25 list, my work with the newsletter makes me one of 25 scientists, technologists, artists, and chefs "who are standing between us and species collapse."

Check out some of my selected writing pieces and my LinkedIn page. 

preferred pronouns: she/her

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Support independent Black journalism

I’ve had a lot of people ask how they can send funds to support my work, especially after my op-ed about Black journalists came out in the Times last Friday. At first, I shied away from accepting funds. Normally, I’m the first to advocate for myself, but the thought of accepting money in this economy made me uncomfortable. And how was I going to go about collecting this hypothetical money anyways? Venmo? Cashapp? Paid newsletter subscriptions? Would I scare people off? I would (unconvincingly) tell myself that I’d get around to figuring it out. Then the uncertainty of it all would wash over me, sending me deeper into a cycle of anxiety and avoidance.

But, in the past couple of weeks, I realized that I’ve been dodging the same advice I always dole out to my fellow Black journalists: Your work is valuable and you should be compensated as such. And so here I am with a brand new Patreon page.

*Keep in mind, the Coronavirus News for Black Folks newsletter will remain FREE and accessible to everyone who subscribes.*

However, those readers who would like to make a monthly contribution to support a Black woman independent journalist creating informative, empowering multimedia content for Black communities can now do so. I appreciate you either way, no judgement. We’re in the midst of two pandemics, after all…


I'm also on Venmo (patrice-peck), Cash App ($speakpatrice) and Paypal (contact me for that email address.) Thank you for the support.

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