Group Exhibitions

The Berlin-based Kleine Humboldt Galerie featured Patrice’s photography of Kara Walker’s large-scale public project "A Subtlety" in their exhibition Reception of Reception. The exhibition invites the viewers to critically reflect upon today’s experience of the arts, prompting them to break free from die-hard habits. It encourages a continuous requestioning of the common approach to art: "How do we look at art today?" "What influences our way of dealing with art?" "What is my relation to art?" "What can I get out of contemporary art?" The title Reception of Reception refers both to the reception of the artist’s work through the viewer as well as to the artist’s dealing with the viewer’s reception in his or her work. 

Art Writing 

Art advisory firm Clark Priftis Art commissioned Patrice to write the exhibition catalog for "Unearthing Black Stories," a group exhibition at Krause Family Gallery featuring works by Kara Walker, Theaster Gates, Glenn Ligon, Gary Simmons, Lyle Ashton Harris, Chester Higgins, MacArthur Binion, and Malick Sidibe. “Unearthing Black Stories” embarks on a profound journey of excavating Black stories, aiming to unearth buried revelations that illuminate our past while shaping our present and future.


In "Feeling Myself: an unapologetic exercise in vanity and conceit," Patrice invites Black women to join her and non-Black women to help and support her as she celebrates and adorns herself in public spaces, aiming to destigmatize Black women openly and proudly embracing self-pride, self-confidence, and self-love.

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